Testimonials: we are blessed!

 “It is all the love and great responses that we get from you that makes sharing our recipes and cooking for you all even more rewarding and satisfying. Thank you for your trust you have placed in us. To be able to share my new healthy, guilt free and dairy free lifestyle with all of you makes me super happy!”  Anneke – Anneke meets vegan

I became vegan about 8 months ago. I have tried every vegan meal service there is and try to cook for myself as well. Anneke’s food is BY FAR the best I have ever had. The stuff she comes up with is amazing and tastes like non vegan food. You will never miss animal products again. This service has been a gift and I am very thankful for it!!.

- David Darrigan, MD -

Placed my order for the first time last month. Since then I’ve seen a transformation in my health. I’m more energetic, my bloating has gone away, and I look and feel much more healthier. The flavors you taste in Anneke’s meals are BEYOND vegan taste. I had her burger this week. It tasted better than any burger I’ve had. I highly recommend her vegan meals.

- Teresa Castillo -

Anneke and her unique combination of vegan foods turn into a Masterpiece every single time. Her charisma is contagious and I’m just always looking forward to her next dish. The plant based lifestyle is near and dear to me, as I struggle with dairy intolerance and red meat. I highly suggest trying her product out!

- Sean Dougherty -

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